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Sick and tired of shaving or waxing?

IPL hair removal has been proven in clinical use around the world as a safe and effective way to achieve long term Hair Reduction anywhere on the body. It’s quick, easy and offers instant results. What’s more, it’s a far cheaper alternative in the long term.

What it is?

Intense pulsed light, commonly known as IPL, is a technology used to perform various skin treatments. The IPL technology uses a broad spectrum lightsource which makes it unique in the ability to target various types of skin colours. 

Our professionally trained staff uses Health Canada approved IPL machine to deliver long term hair reduction. We beam away unwanted hair by directing concentrated light onto the hair follicle, destroying or reducing the hair’s ability to grow and leaving the skin smooth and hair free. Many clients experience significant and permanent reduction in hair growth. The procedure is simple and virtually painless. Designed with sensitive skin in mind, these lasers are safe enough to be used on any part of the body. 

Before Treatment:
Healthy hair follicles with normal hair growth
Light energy is selectively absorbed in the hair shaft and disables hair growth

Energy is absorbed by the hair follicles while the surrounding tissue remains at normal temperature and hair removal is achieved.



Before Your Treatment 

Your results with laser hair removal are highly dependent on your cooperation. There are many 

things you can inadvertently do to decrease either the safety or effectiveness of their 


Your collaboration is essential for the success of laser hair removal. Please follow these 

directions carefully regarding tanning, shaving, and topical agents, or we may have to cancel 

your appointment and reschedule – FOR YOUR SAFETY: Burn Scars. 

Tanning is one of the biggest risks to burn scars. We believe it is the single most important act 

that patients do to decrease the effectiveness of their treatment. Tanning should be avoided 

for 4-6 weeks prior to treatment if one of these lasers is to be used. Self-tanning creams and 

sprays need to completely fade also. During the course of treatment, if you are exposed to sun, 

sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 applied as a thick layer 20 minutes before sun exposure is 


The hair needs to be in the follicle at the time of treatment. IPL target the pigment melanin 

in the hair beneath the surface of the skin. Because of this, you should not wax, tweeze, bleach, 

thread, or use depilatory agents for 4 weeks prior to treatment. If facial hair is being treated, 

usually avoidance of these methods for only 2 weeks is necessary because facial hair grows 

faster. It is usually advisable to see some minimal hair growth on the day of treatment. 

Lotions, creams, makeup, and deodorant are removed before treatment as well. These can 

obstruct or refract laser light negatively. 

We require that all patients WET SHAVE 24 hours immediately prior to their appointed time 

to allow the hair to stay in the follicle. FOR YOUR SAFETY in avoiding burn scars, if you forget 

or if skin conditions are not deemed appropriate, please understand that we will reschedule 

your appointment.

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SHAVE: medical research has consistently shown as absolutely false the 

notion that shaving any part of the body causes more hair growth. It may seem that way since 

the base of individual hair shafts is thicker, and thins out as it lengthens, such that the stubby 

early growth after hairs are shaved feels to many people as if they are thicker and/or denser! 

After your Treatment

Although pre-treatment instructions are probably more important for a patient to follow in 

order to ensure safe and effective results, we know that post-treatment care is also helpful: 

1) Mild redness and swelling at the treatment site is normal, and may last 2 hours or longer. 

The redness may last up to 3 days. The treated area will feel like a sunburn. Apply ice cleanly in 

15-20 minute intervals for the first few hours after treatment to reduce any discomfort or 

swelling. If redness or swelling persists, ice can be continued in 15-minute intervals 3-4 times a 

day for 3 days. 

2) Makeup may be used immediately after the treatment unless there is blistering. 

3) Avoid sun exposure until skin has returned to its normal (no redness or swelling), and 

thereafter, sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 applied as a thick layer 20 minutes before going 

outdoors is highly recommended prior to your next laser visit. 

4) Avoid picking or scratching the treated skin. Do not use any other hair removal treatment 

products or services (waxing, electrolysis or tweezing) that will disturb the hair follicle in the 

treatment area. 

5) Wash the treated area and pat dry for 3 days after treatment. Do not scrub. 

6) Start gently scrubbing treated area on the 4th day to exfoliate. 

7) Anywhere from 5-20 days after the treatment, shedding of the surface hair may occur and 

this appears as new hair growth. This is not new hair growth. 

8) At 1 week post treatment, attempt to pull hairs out gently. If the hair comes out, as if 

unattached to the skin, proceed to pull out the hairs. Otherwise, wait 2 to 3 days and try again 

for up to 3 weeks. This helps the weakened hair follicles to shed. 

9) For 2 to 3 weeks after treatment, ideally avoid shaving the shedding hair, although if 

absolutely necessary, gently touch hair with razor. Shaving can be performed on newly growing 

hair safely but can irritate the underlying lasered skin. 

10) After the underarms are treated, ideally use a powder instead of deodorant for 24 hours 

after the treatment to reduce skin irritation. 

11) There are no restrictions on bathing except to treat the skin gently, as if you had a sunburn, 

for the first 24 hours. Moisturizers are not generally needed. 

At the next treatment visit, it is important for you to let us know how long the redness lasted 

after treatment and when significant hair growth was noticed in the area. This information will 

allow us to individualize treatments and achieve optimal results for you!