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Hand care anyone?

Washing or sanitizing your hands too frequently due to COVID may lead to severely dry hands. Are they getting red, dry, irritated and chapped? If so then you are in need of some hand post care.

Hand washes that are really sudsy or hand sanitizers that have a very high content of alcohol will strip off the oils and wax from the surface layers of your skin. But you need to remember that suds and higher alcohol will kill germs that need to be eliminated. Don’t use fancy hand sanitizers that don’t do the job right. Right?

However these oils protect your skin from bacteria and dryness. Once it’s stripped you need to add extra hand conditioning to your routine to keep rebuilding that barrier.

Some useful tips:

* Use a hand cream right away

* Hand creams are better than lotions

* Use silicone based hand creams that help keep your hands protected longer

* Petroleum jelly is still the best protection. We know it feels icky but maybe at night use it over your hand cream to keep them moisturized for longer

* Use soaps and sanitizers with less or no fragrances. Better use the ones for sensitive skin

* If you already have eczema talk to your doctor how you can protect them with maybe a prescription cream.

* Last but not the least maybe grab those hydrating hand masks and wear gloves for a couple hours after using them.

Now take these tips and go pamper those claws :)







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